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use cases

Apply new standard of training to your industry

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Hit the KPIs in machine tool operation training

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use cases

Effective VR training solutions for industrial applications

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Train for real world situations on virtual equipment

VR trainees interact with virtual equipment, as if in a real-world situation but without associated health risk and equipment damage. This includes training on machines not yet on site.

Reduce training cost and carbon footprint by reducing raw material consumption in training

The environmental and financial cost of training in the building technology sector is high. VR training is highly engaging and motivating for trainees and a much more sustainable option than resource-heavy traditional training.

Avoid assembly mistakes and improve efficiency

VR assembly processes look and feel real - but actions can be reversed. VR training is a realistic but safe training environment allowing testing and exploration without negative consequences.

Safety training that engages and motivates trainees

High-risk conditions are difficult to emulate in a traditional training environment. VR training provides experiences across a range of realistic hazards and emergency scenarios, improving confidence and performance for trainees in multiple sectors – and grow.

Don’t see your use case?

Our team will design VR training solutions to meet your unique needs. We will work with you to create a tailored VR training use case for your business.

We are using AtlasVR technology on five Pico Neo3 VR headsets. We use it to convey information and know-how in a very modern and innovative way.
Bärbel Selm
Head of Innovation & Board member
Our business uses highly complex and expensive technical infrastructure. AtlasVR has enabled us to effectively introduce it to employees, with minimal risk and maximum results.
Bärbel Selm
Head of Innovation & Board Member

Comprehensive interactive training

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Deep expertise

Our team are specialists in creating customised training environments. We provide tailored use case recommendations for your business.

Accessible for all

AtlasVR enables industrial education that is inclusive, engaging, effective and fun – and accessible for all learners. Train according to your individual needs.

Tailored software

We support you from use case evaluation to rollout of our turnkey training solution. It won’t take long till you see the solution in action: we use agile development with rapid rollout.

All the hardware you need

We use the newest headsets, designed to be comfortable and user-friendly. They are pre-set and ready to go – simply remove from the box and begin.

Remote training is possible without physical equipment

Train even before the real equipment is delivered.

Scale training at any location

VR training is a one-off investment that is easy to scale, adapt and evolve once it’s in use.

Increase trainee motivation and engagement

Minimise learning fatigue, maximise focus and impact.

No disruption to expert staff

VR training is in a self-study setting, meaning onboarding doesn’t need to create operational disruption.

Reduce training carbon footprint

Tons of raw materials and high volumes of energy are saved by training that doesn’t require real world resources.

Trainee safety is guaranteed

VR accidents or errors have no real world consequences or costs.

Turnkey VR training solutions

Use Case Identification

Identifying suitable training tasks including a report outlining the benefits and technical recommendations.

Implementation and Setup

Developing and implementing the virtual training including modelling, interactions and instructional design. Deploying and introducing the product on the customer’s site to ensure a simple and smooth rollout.

Maintenance and Support

Offering prompt and reliable support while continuing to improve core parts of the software. Remote deployment, monitoring, and updating of VR training content.

How we work

We support every step of your training journey

Use case identification

Our specialists identify suitable training sequences and provide you with our technical recommendations. You will see the impact of implementing AtlasVR, from cost benefits to training improvements.

and rollout

We develop VR training modelling, interactions and instructional design tailored specifically to your needs. This is followed by a seamless rollout, which is guided by AtlasVR.

Maintenance, support, improvement

As your business acclimatises to AtlasVR we continue to support and improve the core elements of the software. This includes remote services for VR training content and updates.


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